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Your money has never worked so hard. Thanks to Ssubi's hands on approach, your money goes directly towards the betterment of Ugandan lives. Your donations are doing what you want them to — a whole lot of good.

Make a single donation


Can buy materials to educate children



Can fund the building of a classroom



Can help a family start a small business


What is the impact of my donation?

“Someone once gave me an opportunity to continue my education and it helped put me where I am now. I want to give that back to others and ensure that children in Uganda have the same opportunity to receive an education and put themselves in better positions.” - Philip Ndugga, Founder

Donate Once

  • Supply students with materials to help them learn
  • Ensure children have a safe school space
  • Contribute to a family's business
  • Help support over 3000 students

Donate Monthly

  • Supply students with tools to learn
  • Support the creation of teacher accomodations, schools and libraries
  • Contribute to mirco-loaning training program
  • Help support over 3000 students

Other ways to give

Big Givers Program

We work with our large funders to identify ambitious projects in the Kampala area that their funding will be directed towards. Contact us and we can discuss over a cup of tea!

Monthly dose of hope

Let's keep the hope alive. Sign up to give a minimum $20 per month donation and each month you'll receive a small card with a message of hope. Keep it in your wallet, tuck it in the mirror, or pass it along to a friend.