Our Impact

There are two main areas where your generosity is helping to spread the hope.


We support five primary schools

From building playgrounds, libraries, and teacher accommodation to organizing community gardens and an annual football tournament we work directly with administrators and staff to provide our schools with the tools they need to educate Uganda’s next generation of leaders.

  • Together we’ve built playgrounds, classrooms, and libraries
  • We’ve built fully furnished on-site accommodations for 15 teachers
  • We have sponsored children to continue their education past primary school
  • We promote environmental sustainability through installation of solar powered systems, the use of eco-friendly building materials and water catchment
  • We’ve planted a ginger garden which provides supplemental income for the schools
  • We organize the Annual Ssubi Cup Football tournament

Community Infrastructure

We support the Rwot Rubanga Lukica Women's Group

After decades of civil war, much of Uganda’s societal infrastructure has been decimated. It is not easy to apply for a loan if you want to start a business or go to school. The Rwot Rubanga Lukica Women’s Group is a team of women who have created what could be thought of as a community bank, Ssubi Foundation has supported their initiatives through your donations. They have a pool of money which community members can request access to for anything from starting a business to paying for school. The fund has incredibly successful both from a financial and community building perspective.

  • We’ve provided the seed money to train over a dozen additional micro-loaning groups
  • We've provided funds to kick start a mirco-loaning program for trained groups

Before and After

Teachers' Housing

Together, we have built over 15 homes for teachers, all fully furnished. By giving them a place to live that is close to their school we are able to greatly reduce teacher absenteeism.

The Library at Lela Obaro

Together, we provided books, alongside computers, printers, stationery and solar lighting so there is no work interruption for power outages.