Why Ssubi?

What We Believe

Your hardship is mine. My hope is yours.

We were not all born lucky. Some of us were brought into this world under difficult circumstances; our geography fates us for hardships. Some of us live the opposite tale—born into lives that buffer us from a lot of the suffering the world can offer.

However we are brought into this world, we are all connected. To be human is to have a window into the hearts and souls of those, who by chance, we are not. Your struggles are mine. My hope becomes yours.

How We Came to Be

One of our founders, Philip Ndugga, was born in Uganda during one of the most tumultuous times in its history. He was given an opportunity to go to school and hope for a better future.

That gift of hope is the reason the Ssubi Foundation exists today. Philip went on to meet his wife and Ssubi co-founder, Tracy, in Kampala where she was working as a biologist for the Jane Goodall Institute. Together, they moved to Calgary, Alberta but left their hearts in Uganda. In 2001 they started the Ssubi Foundation.

Someone once gave me an opportunity to continue my education and it helped put me where I am now. I want to give that back to others and ensure that children in Uganda have the same opportunity to receive an education and put themselves in better positions.

Phillip Ndugga, Founder

How We Give Hope

Each year, Philip and Tracy return to Uganda to oversee Ssubi's hope-spreading mission. Their deep connection to the community enables them to put the funds and time so generously given to the greatest use. Every dollar matters, and every dollar is put in service to those who need it most.